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At Tom Àdam, we think longevity is the
cornerstone of Sustainability.

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1.Designing for Longevity.

2.Using FSC-Certified Recycled Packaging.

3.Eliminating any plastic from our production

4.Utilising Renewable Energy in our production.

5.All sourcing & production occurs in Europe.

6.Upcycling fabric leftovers whenever possible.

7.Using Biodegradable Corozo Nut Buttons.

8.Eco-Friendly Materials - like Tencel, linen, and organic cotton.

9.All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified.

10.We incorporate deadstock fabrics into our garments.

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Tom's Dad is blending together with the nature.

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Let's deep dive here.


Our factories and mills are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that our fabrics are tested regularly and rigorously to ensure that there are no nasty chemicals present.  

All our factories provide kind working environments for their workers, including excellent healthcare, competitive pay, regular breaks and nice long holidays.  


Less is More. Purchase once but something that might last a lifetime or two.


We exclusively use sustainably sourced fibers, deadstock fabrics, and organic materials to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact.



We maintain commitment to transparency within its supply chain. We collaborate with carefully selected factories from Guimaraes, Portugal & Riga, Latvia with over 50 years of experience, where our loungewear, sleeping masks & blankets are produced.

"Over 40 billion garments made each year are never sold "

That's an eye-popping number that is hard to even grasp,
therefore we stick to batches of limited-edition production & mindful consumption.

Good Design - Makes a product useful, is aesthetic, is honest, is thorough down to the last detail and is environmentally friendly.

We're creating a responsible & honest brand – bringing new products into the world is at odds with the definition of sustainability, but by doing it mindfully and learning on-the-go, we feel that can bring a positive change.

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