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New Stockist: Ett Hem

Introducing a new Stockist: Ett Hem, a Hotel-based in Stockholm, Sweden. To put it into Ett Hem's words "For people looking for something more personal than the luxury hotel". In my personal humble opinion, Ett Hem is definitely one of the nicest hotels in the whole of Europe. What rings true to my heart & mind, is that it feels like home, and what better setting for loungewear there is than home?

An Arts and Crafts building steeped in the Scandinavian aesthetics, where functionality meets beauty.

Ett Hem was a private residence built in 1910. The people who built it had a propensity for beauty, and they left their mark on this townhouse, situated in a peaceful, residential area of Stockholm.

The success in intricately transforming the house into a hotel is a testament to the tenaciousness of interior designer Ilse Crawford. Transforming the house into a hotel has been an incredibly delicate process: owner Jeanette Mix wanted to retain its personality but it also had to offer all the services required by modern travellers.

Find our loungewear and other lovely goods at Ett Hem.

See you out there in your loungewear!



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