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We are a community of like-minded comfort lovers who enjoy indulging in the pleasures of life, while wearing loungewear round-the-clock.

Reversed Family-Business
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Tom Àdam represents a unique twist on the traditional family business. Tom initiated the brand and subsequently incorporated his entire family into its operations. It's a family business in reverse.


In terms of family business dynamics, Tom's mother oversees logistics and product development, while his father and grandmother serve as models for the brand's photoshootsWe primarily collaborate with other family-run businesses throughout our supply chain and various facets of our operations.


Tom Àdam is firmly grounded in the values of warmth and togetherness, offering a refreshing alternative to the fast-paced and impersonal world of fashion. Tom Àdam encourages people to gather with their loved ones, relishing in life's simple pleasures and intricacies, all while lounging in comfort and style.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is the guiding light for every stride we undertake. Our loungewear is meticulously crafted from the finest quality materials, sometimes tested for years until put into production.

For instance, we take pride in employing TENCEL™ Lyocell, the paragon of sustainable fibers, derived from FSC-certified Eucalyptus trees nurtured in the heart of Europe. The production process involves a unique closed-loop system that reclaims and reuses solvents, effectively minimizing the environmental footprint.


To add to it, our buttons are made in Germany from the finest Corozo nuts. As we love to explore the details, it’s a biodegradable so-called “vegetable ivory”. We work with countries with a high share of renewable energy and fair working conditions. In our pursuit of ecological responsibility, we create limited-edition batches, aiming to curtail waste to the bare minimum.

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Origins & Inspiration

Tom's upbringing, with fond memories of his mother "borrowing" his father's surf shorts, served as the wellspring of inspiration that ignited his quest to craft a garment that would envelop one in unrivaled comfort, transcending age and gender boundaries.


As Tom reflected upon his penchant for loungewear, whether during a late-night soiree or a leisurely cruise through the streets of Beirut with wind blowing in his hair, he felt compelled to redefine the essence of Pyjamas in contemporary times. This prompted him to embark on a personal challenge – to conjure the 'universal uniform of comfort.' The culmination of this endeavour materialized with the launch of his inaugural collection of loungewear in 2020.


For Tom, loungewear encapsulates a sanctuary of tranquility; it conjures the essence of a serene Sunday morning, the joy of a carefree romp through the woods, the delight of playful moments in a garden resounding with the melodies of chirping birds. It invokes the pleasure of losing oneself in the pages of a book beneath the shade of striped umbrellas, set against the backdrop of the sun-kissed beaches of Biarritz. In essence,wearing loungewear embodies the vanishing concept of time itself.

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Handmade in Latvia

Celebrating our unwavering commitment to crafting conscious, exquisite, and enduring products. Every piece of our loungewear is meticulously handcrafted in Latvia, within a factory owned by Tom's family friends, with each garment being stitched together by skilled local artisans, boasting decades of expertise.


While crafting our garments we engage with a slow production chain and embrace a mindfulness development process. Employing the most environmentally sourced materials, we create timeless garments designed to accompany you on a journey filled with enduring memories.

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Who stands behind the team?

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