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We are a community of like-minded comfort lovers who enjoy indulging in the pleasures of life, while wearing loungewear round-the-clock.

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Sustainability guides each and every step we take.  Our loungewear is made out of TENCEL™ Lyocell, the holy grail of sustainable fibres, manufactured from FSC-certified Eucalyptus trees growing in Europe and using 80% less water than cotton.


To add to it, our buttons are made in Germany from the finest Corozo nuts. As we love to explore the details, it’s a biodegradable so-called “vegetable ivory”. We work with countries with a high share of renewable energy and fair working conditions, and produce limited-edition batches to minimise the waste.


Tom grew up with his mum wearing his dad‘s surf shorts, which inspired him to create a garment that allows you to carry superior comfort on any occasion, and that anyone can wear regardless of their age or gender.

He realised that he was always wearing loungewear whether at a late-night dinner or while driving through Beirut in a convertible, which led him to reinterpret what loungewear stands for in the modern times. Challenging himself to create the ‘universal uniform of comfort’, he launched his first batch of garments in 2020.


What wearing loungewear evokes to Tom? A relaxed Sunday feeling. Running in the woods. Playing in a house’s backyard with birds chirping. Reading a book under striped umbrellas by the beach in Biarritz. The concept of time dissipating.

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Handmade in Latvia

We are committed to making conscious, beautiful and long-lasting products.
All of our loungewear is handmade in Latvia, by local women with more than 50 years of expertise.

While creating our garments, we are engaged with a slow production chain. Using the best possible, sustainable materials we are ensuring the highest quality and creating timeless garments that allow you to create long-lasting memories.

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Who stands behind the team?

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