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See who stands behind our team.

Tom - The founder

Tom is the original founder of Tom Àdam. Whenever he comes up with a new absurd idea, he pieces it together down to the very tiniest details, he finds the right materials and producers to work with and tests out each and every prototype on himself (by playing tennis for hours or having far too many naps). He is the master-mind behind the brand, the art director and, as a trained graphic designer (taking after his grandfather), he still takes care of all the graphics for the brand.


You can also catch his personal thoughts and notes on our weekly newsletter. Press here.

Una (mum)

She is Tom Àdam’s steady rock and the biggest helper behind all the logistical and administrative tasks and she personally prepares and hand-wraps each order with the utmost care and love. Mum is also the one whose hands hide behind the hand-knitted Tom Àdam sweaters.

Andris (Dad)

He is a natural salesman and could also be called the brand’s most fitting ambassador. He will tell everyone and everything about it, from someone in a gondola lift, to people sitting at the next table in a restaurant. He is the master of captivating stories and the kind of charisma. The rumour is he once sold an invisible fish to a blind fisherman.

Ieva (Sister)

A very smart cookie, the proverbial voracious reader, although she is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the brand, she is always part of our feedback rounds and keeps her eyes open for details that might be left unnoticed.

Viktorija (Grandma)

The epitome of a female silver-fox. Her mother used to sew silk ties on an old "Singer" machine and she became quite known for sewing every piece in her own wardrobe.


Benjamin (The dog)

The head of human relations and mediator of all heated discussions. "The Pyjama Connoisseur". Definitely the life and soul of the behind-the-scenes of photoshoots. He is a great team member and does a fine job at reminding us of basic life necessities and the importance of an impeccable self-care routine (together with being the king of unsolicited naps).

Friends - The inner circle

In one way or the other, every person we work with becomes part of the family. Our mentality is to work closely with people and establish even deeper connections. Our friends are our first supporters. They give constant feedback, advice and are our first product testers, together with keeping us motivated to continue doing what we love. Nothing funny to mention here, they are quite serious when it comes down to pyjamas.

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