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Why do we do pre-orders?

Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. - This insane overproduction is one of the main problems of the fashion industry. It doesn’t feel morally right for us to participate in that.

We asked ourselves what we could do better if we made the clothes ourselves?

“Being zero-waste by producing made-to-order.”

Our goal is to stay small and pretty much get to know our customers by their first name. ​ We make sure that whatever we produce gets sold and will be worn and loved (yes, we check that).


Win-win situation

Producing less waste, allows us to lower production costs, which means we can invest more into good materials and quality. We can offer our garments at a more affordable price than biggest luxury fashion brands. It's a win-win situation.

Thoughtfulness gets your further

Doing a pre-order gives us the time to test the products and implement changes, even in the very last steps of production. We find it refreshing to do things in a more thoughtful way,  especially in such a quick-paced world we live in.

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Creating together

Creating garments with the involvement of the community allows us to make clothes that we know people are looking forward to wear and creating long-lasting memories with them.

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"Patience is part of our DNA"

Before we even offer a garment for preorder, we have already spent about almost a year designing, co-creating, doing sampling, testing … patience is part of our DNA, and we believe a good thing is worth waiting for.

How do pre-orders work?

1. The questionnaire


The beauty of a beginning. Place where we ask all possible questions to people around us and you, to come up with the best possible garment that people have been looking for but couldn't find anywhere else.



Once we have obtained all the feedback and knowledge, went through our archives of clothes and made all possible notes. It’s time to make the first prototype. Now we are reaching out to our partners, which are the best European craftsmen, to create the a long-lasting product possible.

3. Testing


This is the place where sometimes we can even spend years. Testing the garments in the most diverse situations, from sleeping with polar bears in Antarctica to seeking the oasis in the desert. Making sure it will last for the generations to come. Each of our family members has the obligation to try it on and give all of their feedback. Then we pick some of our friends & people from the community who do the same. As each of us has a different body shape, it helps a lot in finding the perfect balance in the sizing chart.


We collect all the feedback and then create the final “golden” sample. The final test is Benjamin trying it on, if he gives us a wink, we know that it is finally ready to see the world.

4. The pre-order launch


*Confetti flying all around*, it's finally the launch we have been all waiting for and sitting on the edges of our seats. We launch the product on a defined date, exclusively on our website. The limited-edition pre-order batch is finally available. For 3 weeks you have the possibility to purchase it at the exclusive pre-order price. At the end of the launch we start the production of the batch. We keep you updated about the production process. Be the first to get to know about our next batch launch on our newsletter.



We have worked with all manufacturers for years. So we trust them with every single stitch. While our clothes are in production, one of the family members goes there on a regular basis to oversee the production. The manufacturing process lasts for 2 months.


After every stitch has been checked, the orders are ready to be shipped out. Each of our shipments are handpacked by Tom’s lovely mum. Each batch has a unique label. Every shipment comes with a personalised card that Tom has designed and with a handwritten note, that mum writes in 5 different languages.

7. What happens next?

When the pre-order ends, the last pieces are available at the regular price on our shop page. Sold-out?

We created a waiting list for you! You might get lucky if we get some returns.

”Long story short”

We think that do to things well they have to be done patiently. ​ You may look at a pre-order and think, oh damn, I have to wait 2 months since the launch for the item, why is that?


Well, basically because your order is the actual starting point of garment production! Usually garments in the industry are produced months in advance, which often leads to waste. Once we have our final product, we launch the pre-orders on our limited edition and confirm the quantity to the sewing company. It takes about 5-7 weeks to transform the fabric into a limited edition batch. Then it takes around one week for the delivery to Tom Àdam studio in Latvia.


Once the products have arrived, Mum takes care of the precious task of packing the order and writing a little note. A week later your orders are finally sent to you with love from Latvia so you can start the journey with your new-loved garment. 2 month have passed.


Now, it doesn’t seem too tedious, counting that you have long-lasting garments that you know every smallest detail about and that has been created specifically for you.

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