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Tom Àdam in an interview with one of our stockists - Imagehouse

"What’s the best about your dad?" His beard, obviously.

Tom Àdam, in a conversation about what is Tom Àdam, his dad and book he is reading

Who is Tom Adam?

It’s myself and my family. Tom àdam, are actually my first two names, so it wasn’t too difficult to come up with a brand, it clicked from the very beginning. For me, it’s always about honesty. That’s why when you see Benjamin, in the photos or myself and my dad hanging out together, it’s what we do in our daily life, therefore we just had to shoot our daily life situations in the context of tom àdam. So forth, the usual behind the scenes, becomes the forefront of our photoshoots.

How you started doing underwear?

It all started with a family trip to Japan. I was really amazed by the attention to detail and different outlook and rhythm of life, it was like nothing that I have seen.

I had a background in graphic design. So I was sure that I can build a brand identity, it was everything else that I had no clue about. It was like throwing a very comfortable cat into a freezing water. A discomfort - place where we can learn the most about ourselves and others. And as far as I can remember myself, I have always been passionate about colors, shapes, clothes and how they feel. I had a desire to establish something more long-lasting and personal, as it doesn’t get much more personal than showcasing your family photos and being naked in the photos. Therefore, after entering a 8-storey men’s fashion department store in Tokyo and realising that there aren’t much environmentally responsible men’s underwear brands, especially with no logos on them. I just decided that I will try it and see what comes out of it.

Where are the fabrics from?

It is a bit of an eclectic mixture. When sourcing fabrics, the responsibility towards the environment is always at the top of my priority list. It’s important to value the traditions that a certain country has in their textile field. Therefore, majority of the fabrics come from Italy and Portugal, they are definitely pushing the game with their range of environmentally friendly fabrics and the quality of them.

"As I trust that human relationships are in the centre of every business. If you do something, why not to do it with people that you like."

Where do you produce?

All of our products are produced in Latvia, place where I am originally from. I believe that allows me to create deeper relationships with people that are producing it and that leads to a better product. As I trust that human relationships are in the centre of every business. If you do something, why not to do it with people that you like.

Your favourite item of Tom Adam?

That’s a tough one, I love all of them, obviously.

I would go for “As Well, Briefs” as I wear them all day, every day. It was the initial product that the whole brand started with.

What’s the best about your dad?

His beard, obviously. This will sound really cheesy, but I have learned a lot from his self-belief and his way of communicating with people, there is something magnifying about it.

Showing vulnerabilities can go a long way and open up ways for more profound conversations.

Do you call your dad to match your outfits?

Only when we go to trade shows together, for example, “Pitti Uomo” in Florence, then I would pick out an outfit for both of us, we have a pretty similar body type, so I know that I can always buy two and it would fit for both of us.

Other than that, we have a very strict non-serious policy that we have to wear our clothes, therefore in the summertime you can definitely find us looking like John McEnroe & Bjorn Borg from the 80’s. rocking. our matching swim shorts.

Three things you never leave home without…

1.Outfit that makes me feel good.

2.Keys, because it’s better not to try breaking in your own place, because you lost your keys at some smokey bar in Berlin.

3.tom àdam underwear.

Three songs we should all have on heavy rotation this month...

Folamour - Devote to you (definitely check out his Boiler Room Abba moment)

Edu Lobo - Zum-zum

Prince - 17 Days - Piano & A Microphone 1983 version

One book that you have been carrying around this week

I am always carrying a book around with me to appear cooler than I actually am, at the moment it is “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong.

It’s is as melancholically beautiful as the headline reads.


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