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Tom Àdam x Michelberger

Introducing a collaboration between Tom Àdam and Michelberger Hotel: ‘Dream Machine’ Pyjamas.⁠ ⁠

The result is a limited edition collaboration, a pair of pyjamas that will make your dreams come true.⁠ ⁠

There is only one way to launch a collaboration and that's with a Pyjama Party. From the hotel room to the lobby and at the bar, join us for a night of celebration.

Show up in your favorite comfy pyjamas or robe and get some bubbles on the house!⁠

APR 30th, 8 PM ---- at @michelbergerhotel

Photos shot in the rooms designed by @tuckeydesignstudio⁠ ⁠

Available exclusively at Michelberger Hotel & Tom Àdam.

Photography by - Tom (the founder of Tom Àdam)


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