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Talks 01 - with Lotta Lavanti & her music playlist.

For the first edition of “Talks” a series of informal conversations with people that inspire us, we speak with Lotta Lavanti aka. Medium-Sized-Daddy, a Copenhagen-based creative and trail-blazing woman. - With tracks that Lotta is listening to while strolling through the busy streets of Copenhagen. If you ever wondered what kind of music a professional chameleon would listen to in the past month and would make her groove like a fleuve, this is it."

How did your love story with Copenhagen start?

Lotta Lavanti: It was not. *laughs* Basically, I ended up in Copenhagen, because I had previously studied at a university in London. Then, my sister who was living in Copenhagen at the time told me to come and study there. At that point, I thought ‘'What do I have to lose?’’. So I moved to Denmark and ended up in Herning, not Copenhagen (which is about 3 hours away, almost in the middle of nowhere). But then eventually, I came to Copenhagen and ‘'settled'' for it, but now I have grown to love it.

Tom àdam: There is a jukebox on the street - what song would you choose to play and what would be the signature dance move you would accompany it with?

Lotta: I guess if I were to put something on it would have to be This Must Be the Place by Talking Heads. And my signature dance moves are just Mister Beans dance moves, kind of like a white dad at a barbecue.

Tom àdam: What’s on your reading list at the moment?

Lotta: Actually, I really want to read Crazy Rich Asians, but the second book of the series. I think it’s called Crazy Rich Girlfriend. I love fiction and I love shopping, to summarise.

"And my signature dance moves are just Mister Beans dance moves, kind of like a white dad at a barbecue. "

Tom àdam: How important is creative freedom in your work?

Lotta: Oh, so important. It’s the most important thing. If I cannot be creative, I cannot be free. *chuckles*

What’s the fondest family memory that pops up in your mind?

Lotta: I would probably say anything my mom did when we were kids (I have four sisters) - she’s a goofy lady. So my sisters and I goofed around a lot too. Nothing specific, just everyday things.

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Lotta: During this interview! I am not used to talking about myself too much. Not at least in these scenarios.

Lotta, can you recall the first time you were amazed by a piece of clothing or an accessory?

Lotta: Tough question. But I gotta say it was Jeffrey Campbell shoes called the 4-Evz’s. There was a pair that came in an aquarium print and that was my favourite thing. It was probably when I was about 16 or 17 years old.

What are some of the things within your field of work that you expected to be harder than they actually ended up being?

Lotta: Coming up with new ideas. It comes to be on a daily basis. I dream something during the night and turn it into a photograph or a concept the next day.

Credits: Photography by Ulrika Luksevica

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