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Introducing: Après Ski Blanket

Enter the Tom Àdam Après Ski blanket - a creation inspired by the very essence of après ski culture. Made from 100% Lambswool, and utilizing deadstock yarn, this blanket embodies the spirit of long days in the mountain-side & ultimate comfort.

As the winter is coming to an end, we noticed this beautiful deadstock yarn and couldn't resist the urge to create a limited-edition blanket. To tell the full story, once upon a time, in a snow-covered wonderland, there was a group of friends who loved nothing more than experiencing the freshness of the mountains and spending long days soaking in all the sun. But as the sun began to set and the day came to a close, they longed for nothing more than a warm and cozy spot to rest and indulge themselves in long conversations.. They wanted to curl up with loved ones, sipping some tea and basking in the warmth of a roaring fire. (Story continues....)

The blanket became a centerpiece of the après ski experience. The friends would huddle around it, sharing stories of their day on the mountain and the thrills they had experienced.

And as the night wore on, they would drift off to sleep, enveloped in the warmth and comfort of the Tom Àdam Après Ski blanket. For they knew that no matter where their adventures took them, this creation would always be there to keep them cozy and warm.

Last but not least. Each blanket comes in a 100% Linen handmade bag from fabric leftovers used in our previous collection. Made in-house by Tom Àdam Atelier (Tom’s mum). The blanket is made to be brought with you wherever you go and quite often a lovely bag is the missing piece of the puzzle to do exactly that.

The helping hands of Tom's dad, Andris were used in the photoshoot as well, to show the true beauty of how the blanket looks like. Just how a family business goes, each of us put their share of effort to make all of this come together.

Until next time, Warmly, Tom & Tom Àdam Family.

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