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Do good and good will come to you

Our lovely community which makes such a big part of this journey and we are super happy that you are on it with us.

As Helen Keller once said - "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

We receive lots of lovely messages in our day-to-day life from our customers and majority of the time they actually end up in my family chat.

This week someone wanted to exchange the size of their pyjamas and once they arrived and my mum opened the box - it contained candies. Let's be honest, who is not keen on having some candies, especially in their pyjamas?

Find below some of the heartwarming messages that we have received this week.

Thanks to Lisa for the coffee & candies.

Yoshinobu Omori from Osaka is rocking his Sunny Yellow Batch N.2 Pyjamas. Not to mention that he is a really talented painter.

We love to hear your thoughts and appreciate your feedback a lot. Every time someone leaves us a Trustpilot review, my parents dog Benjamin recieves a snack. So if you are in the mood of making Benjamin happy, press here.

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Sending lots of kindness,



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