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Batch N.6 have arrived!

Introducing: Batch N.6 - Loungewear With the new batch, I was contemplating the perfect setting to embody leisurely days, summertime, and family values.


When serendipity strikes, I find myself travelling through the breezy Apulia with my mum.

We end up at a 163-year-old palazzo, snapping photos with my favourite point-and-shoot camera (Yashica T5) to showcase the new loungewear collection, now featuring an addition in organic cotton.In a nutshell, my mum did all the heavy lifting by modelling (and being genuinely beautiful, thanks mum!) while I pressed the trigger whenever needed.

It's a limited-edition batch of 48 pyjama sets made in total. Split between the Organic Cotton & Tencel.

Now available online!

See you out there, wandering around in your loungewear!

Warmly and until next time, Tom


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