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Hand-Knitted Sweaters

Mom’s hand-knitted, unisex sweater is yet another staple from Tom Àdam that arose in 2019. 

A Timeless piece that you can wear all year round. Exceptionally soft, crafted from hand harvested alpaca wool, from Peru.

Product Details

This sweater was made-to-order and arrived 30-60 days after purchasing at your doorstep.


Each of the sweaters are carefully hand-knitted by Tom's mom in their family home in Riga, Latvia. We only produced 20 of these unique pieces every year.

Why we love them

The Recycled Cashmere sweater is the perfect year-round staple offering: 


- Warmth, without the extra bulk

- A perfect option for layering under blazers or bomber jackets in colder conditions

- A timeless design and color combination

- Exceptional softness

- A unique, hand-crafted piece, made from recycled cashmere


By using recycled cashmere we are offering the same soft qualities as virgin cashmere but with an environmental impact that’s seven times lower. 


To offer affordable cashmere products, farmers have massively increased their herds – leading to the widespread desertification of the Mongolian grasslands. That’s the main reason why we are using recycled cashmere that  is made from post-factory cashmere waste.

How To Wear

They have proven themselves as the perfect year-round sweater, both warming and not too bulky for layering under blazers or coats.


Exceptionally soft and cozy, crafted from hand harvested alpaca fiber from Peru.

Pairs well with our Batch N.2 pyjamas for a full Tom Àdam look. 


No one can explain it better than our customers. Here is some of the feedback about our Hand-Knitted Sweaters

"Love the fabric - comfortable and natural feel all day long. Choice of the year!"

Miks, Italy

"Best product I have worn, ever. Great fabric, feel, look."

Wladimir, Germany

"Really pleased! Lovely soft fabrics, great stitching quality & generous fit throughout the clothes, so very comfortable to wear."

Krisjanis, Germany


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