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Monocle x Tom Àdam

Introducing Tom Àdam + Monocle, arising from our shared allure of everything comfort & quality.

The limited-edition collaboration consists of two pyjama sets in two exclusive colourways.

Long sleeve shirt in 170 g. Tencel, long trousers & shorts for wearing them “Round-the-Clock” in your everyday life.

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A new self-care routine

The shirt is made to be worn all year round and easy to combine with casual outfits.


"Round the Clock" pyjamas. Bringing relaxed bed-time feelings to everyday life and ensuring natural comfort for sensitive skin.

Made to last for decades

Batch N. 3 is constructed from a tightly woven 170 gr. TENCEL™. It’s renowned for its exceptional softness, even after repeated washes.


The triple stitched seams make sure the pyjama sets will last for years to come, only when you are ready to hand them down to your grandchildren.

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Tom Àdam-BatchN.3-Photo-5.jpg
Product fit

Both pieces are cut from smooth & sustainable TENCEL™ for a relaxed & oversized fit, while the shorts have an elasticated waistband for an even comfier feel.

The micro-technology makes sure it gently envelopes & thermoregulates your body while you are snoozing.


For size advice, check our size chart.

The vibe

Inspired by the striped sun umbrellas that take care of you when you read a book by the beach in Biarritz. A good way to carry that relaxed feeling of laying by the beach wherever you are.

Tom Àdam-BatchN.3-Photo-15.jpg
Tom Àdam-BatchN.3-Photo-9.jpg

*Coziness Disclaimer*

Tom Àdam assumes no responsibility or liability for any unsolicited naps or

 exaggeratedly good sleep in your everyday life. The comfort contained 

in these pyjamas is your own responsibility and it shows that you are aware 

of all the consequences that come with wearing such a cozy garment.

Tom Àdam-BatchN.3-Photo-50.jpg

Tom grew up with his mum wearing his dad‘s surf shorts, which inspired him to create a garment that allows you to carry superior comfort on any occasion, and that anyone can wear regardless of their age or gender.

He realised that he was always wearing pyjamas whether at a late-night dinner or while driving through Beirut in a convertible, which led him to reinterpret what loungewear stands for in the modern times. Challenging himself to create the ‘universal uniform of comfort’, he launched his first batch of pyjamas in 2020.

What wearing pyjamas evokes to Tom? A relaxed Sunday feeling. Running in the woods. Playing in a house’s backyard with birds chirping. Reading a book under striped umbrellas by the beach in Biarritz. The concept of time dissipating.

Tom Àdam-BatchN.3-Photo-45.jpg

No one can explain it better than our customers.
Here is some of the feedback about the pyjamas.

“The best pyjamas!!! I wear this delightful pair way too often”

Lisa, London

“The cut is perfect. I really love the combination of a short and a long sleeve."

Tilman, Hamburg

“I have to make a confession, it's been five days since I haven't stepped out of my pyjamas, I am drinking my cortado, dropping my kids off to school and doing my emails in them. I am starting to wonder if it's a problem, or have I just found myself?

Ines, Lisbon

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