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Unisex Swimshorts

Our swimwear from recycled ocean plastic is made to be worn under all circumstances with its statement silhouette and unisex fit.

Product Details

Our signature swimshorts are made from recycled Polyamide sourced from Portugal, with a specially engineered quick-dry fabric.


They feature an elastic waistband with a button fastening, back belt loops, four pockets and a mesh lining.

Available in two different styles: It Is & Though. 

Why Swimshorts?

Tom grew up with his mum wearing his dad's surf shorts and had the belief that all parents do that.


Those shorts are still in their wardrobe more than 20 years later.

Growing up with this mindset, he always knew that he wanted to create a pair of unisex swimshorts with high-quality, sustainable materials that will grow with you.

TOMADAM foto Aiga Ozolina 002290450002.JPG
TOM ADAM by Aiga Ozolina 002020910003.JPG

Our swimshorts are crafted from 100% recycled Polyamide, made from post-consumer plastic waste captured from both the Mediterranean Sea and waste lands.

Using these materials not only helps us to preserve natural resources, clean our oceans and decrease our environmental footprint, but it provides you with extremely comfortable and quick-drying swimshorts.

A new self-care routine

Our tailored fit is designed for comfort and elegance at all times.


Featuring a waist inspired by tailored trousers, complimented with a short cut and statement silhouette.


These shorts are perfect from a swim in the ocean to a dinner by the beach.

TOMADAM foto Aiga Ozolina 002290560009.JPG

No one can explain it better than our customers. Here is some of the feedback about our Unisex Swimshorts.

“The most elegant swimshorts ever. Very good tailoring and a slim, made to measure cut.”

François, France

“The swimshorts are fantastic, I hope they keep making this style!"

Sean, UK

“The swim shorts can be easily used for everyday summer activities thanks to their wearability and generous pockets."

Drini, Germany

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