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Batch N.1 - Unisex Pyjamas

Batch N.1 was born with the purpose of creating beautifully crafted, long-lasting garments that allow ethics and aesthetics to co-exist.

We believe pyjamas are a staple wardrobe piece that bring calmness and comfort to every moment of your life, both in and out of bed.

Product Details

Our Unisex pyjamas are crafted in Latvia from high-quality cotton, viscose made from rose bushes, or TENCEL™.


Created with careful attention to detail, they're supremely cozy with a loose & airy fit.

Limited Edition

We come up with new ways of producing and consuming, letting sustainability dictate each and every step we take.

Our pyjamas are produced in small, limited edition batches.

By limiting our production to a set number, we're able to
ensure less waste, offering an alternative way of producing in a more ethical way.


We are engaged in a slow production chain while creating our pyjamas, finding our own way when it comes to transparency in the fashion industry.


Using the best sustainable materials, so we can ensure the highest quality and long-lasting garments that allow you to create beautiful memories.

A new self-care routine

Made to be worn all year round, both indoors and out, bringing that relaxed bedtime feeling to everyday life.

24/7 never-take-off kind of pyjamas, easy to combine with your casual day-to-day outfits. 


No one can explain it better than our customers. Here is some of the feedback about the pyjamas from Batch No. 2.

“Loved the first night in the new PJ’s, a true dream to sleep in. They are so soft and perfectly comfy shaped around the body!! I am addicted.”

Isabel, Germany

“Everything about this brand is authentic and cozy to the core. You could really feel the love poured into the making of every garment. The quality is of the highest levels to be honest, the pjs hug you in the warmest ways."

Rowan, Austria

“My skin is happy and my soul is happy, this is all I can ask for in a pair of pyjamas. Looking forward to buy more."

Zach, USA


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